SuperValu is a supermarket chain in Ireland, which is owned by Cork based food wholesale company, the Musgrave Group.

Company Structure

SuperValu stores are owned by individual retailers who operate their businesses under the SuperValu brand. The brand is owned by the Musgrave Group – a Cork-based food wholesale company, which is the largest private company in Ireland by turnover. All SuperValu stores sell the same own brand and branded products and use the same layout, which they acquire from the Musgrave Group. This is not done on a franchise basis as no fee is paid to Musgraves, but all stores buy their products directly from the group. SuperValu is unlike other symbol group stores in that the layout is on a larger scale, thus allowing it – with the buying power of the Musgrave Group as a whole – to compete with Dunnes Stores, Superquinn and Tesco.

Products And Services

A large number of Irish towns have a SuperValu store, and in many parts of  the country it will be the only retail chain in the locality. The stores, in general, have a localised and family orientated atmosphere to them when compared to many of the major supermarket chains. A small number of SuperValu stores exist in Spain, owned by  Dialsur, a subsidiary of the Musgrave Group.


SuperValu ShopSuperValu was founded in 1979 out of the larger outlets in Musgrave's VG  chain (originally formed in 1960). The smaller VG stores became Centra. From a  base of sixteen stores (mainly in Munster), SuperValu now has almost 200 stores in the Republic of Ireland, with 36 stores in Northern Ireland . Along the way the Musgrave Group pursued a policy of buying stores itself and then re-leasing them to individual retailers, such as they did after acquiring some of the bankrupt H Williams stores in 1987,  L&N in 1995, and Wellworths (in Northern Ireland) in 1996. Often, if a retailer decides to sell a supermarket, Musgraves will buy the store itself and operate it as a company store until it can appoint a new owner. This has tended to keep the chain intact and ensure further expansion.

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